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BNR34 Skyline GT-R NISMO S1



BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC II NISMO OMORI S1 Full Conversion Vehicle
This is a full conversion vehicle, so the engine has been fully reworked from the waist down with N1 pistons, OIL pump, and other components built to the same N1 specifications as the R1.
The engine has been fully rebuilt from the waist down with N1 pistons, OIL pump, etc. Along with the engine, the suspension, arms, drive train, cooling system, and brakes have been installed with the NISMO OMORI R35 GT-R Brake KIT.
The car has been fully serviced and is in excellent condition.

Vehicle Information
Year: 2001
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: V-SPEC II
Mileage: 64083km, meter replaced at 20000km, current meter 44083km, records available
Repairs: None
Color: White
Complete with warranty card, record book, manual, spare key, spare key x2, trunk key
Complete with NISMO S1 installation certificate.

Inspection and maintenance records
Jul. 2001 1620km Nissan Prince Kyoto 1month inspection
Dec. 2001 4475km Nissan Prince Kyoto 6 months inspection
Jun. 2002 7202km Nissan Prince Kyoto 1 year inspection
June 2003 11237km Nissan Prince Kyoto 1 year check
Jun. 2004 15196km Nissan Prince Kyoto 2 years vehicle inspection
May 2005 18000km Nissan Prince Kyoto 2 years vehicle inspection
April 2006 20000km Nissan Prince Nismo Meter Replacement
June 2008 25621km NISMO 2 year vehicle inspection
June 2010 30094km NISMO 2 year vehicle inspection
Nov. 2011 34028km Nissan Prince Tochigi
May 2012 36428km 2 years vehicle inspection
May 2014 44410km Nissan Prince Tochigi 2 years vehicle inspection
June, 2008 49767km NISMO 2-year inspection

Engine (complete with NISMO installation specifications)
NISMO OMORI FACTORY F-SPEC Engine & S1 Full Conversion
(Installed at 25667km in August, 2008)
Serial number: #665 Type: S1
Engine Block Number (RB26-078404A)
N1 Piston & Connecting Rods Weight Adjustment
Connecting Rod Bearing Replacement
Crankshaft High Precision Balancing
Crank pulley replacement High precision balancing
NISMO Strengthened Timing Belt
NISMO Metal Head Gasket 1.2mm
S1 INT/EXT Camshaft
Correct intake manifold bumps
Cam seal INT/EXT, valve stem seal INT/EXT replacement
Head cover gasket replacement
Rear retainer oil seal replacement
Oil pressure switch replacement
AAC valve replacement
Water pump replacement
Ignition Coil Harness Replacement
N1 Oil Pump
NISMO Oil Pan Baffle Plate
NISMO Oil Separator
NISMO Oil Filler Cap
NISMO S1 Plug Cover Ornament
NISMO OP Engine Head Cover & Surge Tank Red Crystal Paint

Turbine Related Parts
R34 GT-R Stock Turbine (S1 Applicable Turbine)
NISMO Large Bore Turbo Outlet

NISMO Fuel Pump
Fuel hose replacement (at S1 application)

NISMO Sports Oil Cooler KIT
Aluminum radiator
NISMO Radiator Cap

Air intake & exhaust
NISMO Air Intake Pipe
NISMO Intercooler Pipe
NISMO Cotton Mesh Air Cleaner
NISMO Front pipe
NISMO Sports Catalyzer

OHLINES DFV Ride Height Adjustment KIT
IKEYA FORMULA Front Upper Link
NISMO Front/Rear Stabilizer
NISMO Tension Rods
NISMO Front Lower Arm
NISMO Rear Upper Link (front)
NISMO rear upper link (rear)
NISMO A-arm (lower arm)

Chassis related
NISMO Under floor reinforcement bar
NISMO Floor Support Bar
NISMO Rear member brace

Drive train
AUTO GALLERY YOKOHAMA Getrag Complete Transmission
NISMO Copper Mix Clutch (Installed when S1 was installed)
NISMO Light Weight Flywheel

BREMBO R35 GT-R 6-pot front brake calipers
R35 GT-R Front Brake Rotors
BREMBO R35 GT-R 4-pot rear brake caliper
R35 GT-R Rear Brake Rotors

Wheels & Tires
NISMO LM GT4 10.5J×18+15
NISMO Long Strengthened Hub Bolt

Electrical & Instrument
Nur Genuine 300km Meter (Dealer Replacement Record)
GT-R Magazine Original Steering Wheel

G-STYLE Front Carbon Dewar
NISMO Z-TUNE Front Aero Bumper
NISMO Side Steps
NISMO rear under aero
NISMO Rear Fender Cover
SUPERIOR Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Diffuser
SUPERIOR Carbon Fiber High Position Stay
Newly replaced headlight lenses

Interior Related Items
NISMO GT Titanium Shift Knob
Carrozzeria AVIC-ZH77 HDD Navigation System, Terrestrial Digital, DVD-V/CD

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