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Stock No.Skyline GT-R NISMO S2 Full Conversion SOLD

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Super Silver Metallic


This time, I would like to introduce you to a car that is
The BCNR33GT-R NISMO OMORI Factory S2 Full Conversion and Suspension Refresh by Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Office is now in stock.
The car has been fully documented from 1995 to 2021, including maintenance history, refresh history, and complete history.
Along with the engine, the body, suspension, and drive have also been refreshed.
The interior has also been refreshed and replaced with BNR34 parts, making it a highly recommended vehicle.

Vehicle Information
Model Year 1995
Car Name Skyline GT-R
Grade Standard
Mileage 103788KM
Color: Super Silver Metallic
No Repair
Inspection March 2023
Equipped with maintenance manual, record book, warranty card, manual, main and spare keys, genuine keyless
Installed Kns Guard at Kns Factory on February 12, 2021
(Hood, cowl top panel, left and right doors, left and right side sills, left and right rear fenders, trunk lid, under floor)
+OP Fr & Rr member inside & floor tunnel added

Maintenance History
May 1995: 1892km
September 1995 5294KM
March 1996 7420KM
March 1997 14076KM
February 1998 18394KM
March 1999 22360KM
September 1999 23776KM
March 2000 24882KM
April 2001 27242KM
March 2002 28754KM
March 2004 32144KM
March 2006 38596KM
November 2006 40167KM
November 2007 52625KM
February 2008 58402KM
January 2009 69654KM
May 2009 71963KM
February 2010 78825KM
June 2010 79072KM NISMO S1
Dec. 2010 80699KM Prince Tokyo Suspension Refresh
Feb. 2011 81544KM
July 2011 83043KM T/M & T/F Assy replacement
Aug. 2011 84861KM
December 2011 86213KM
February 2012 87768KM
April 2012 88013KM
September 2012 89570KM S1-S2 version up
March 2013 91682KM
March 2014 95400KM
January, 2009 99657KM
March 31, 2040 100186KM
March 2020 102420KM
February 2021 103015KM

NISMO Omori S1+S2 full conversion
Replaced ECCS harness & repainted inside E/G compartment (stock color)
E/G mount & M/T mount replaced
Full conversion of S1 at 79072km
24U N1 block
N1 Piston
N1 Piston Ring
OE Main bearing
OE Conrod bearing
N1 Oil pump
OE Water pump
OE Crank pulley & bolt
NISMO Reinforced Timing Belt
NISMO Oil Pan Baffle Plate
BNR34 Stock Turbocharger
Stock turbo outlet
NISMO heat shield tape
NISMO heat shield tape ・NISMO O/H gasket set
NISMO air cleaner filter
Short parts - Turbo inlet water hose, rubber plug, head cover washer
Standard work: Port mouth alignment, mani hold step correction (IN&EX)
Piston & Conrot weight matching, Crank pulley balance, Engine bench check
S2 installation at 89570km
R35 stock 570cc fuel injectors
NISMO fuel delivery pipe (for R35 conversion)
NISMO S2 IN/EX Camshaft
NISMO Metal 0.9mm Metal Gasket
For NISMO S2 (immobilizer compatible) ECM
NISMO S2 exclusive product Ornament

Engine etc.
NISMO Oil separator tank
September 2012, 89570km Alternator replacement

NISMO Sports Air Cleaner Filter
NISMO Inlet Pipe
FUJITSUBO Equal Length Front Pipe
SARD Metal Catalyzer
REIMAX rear muffler

NISMO Intercooler
NISMO Intercooler Piping KIT
ARC Aluminum Radiator
ARC Radiator Cap

Suspension and drive system
Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Office 
Suspension refresh work at 80699km
Front tension rod replacement
Front suspension links replaced
Fr. Stabilizer rod and bush replaced
Link bush replacement
Hub bearing replacement
D/S boot completely replaced
Ball joint replacement
Rr suspension member replacement
Linkage replacement
Sway bar rod and bush replacement
Differential LSD O/H complete set Plate replacement
Dampers replacement
Stock new transmission assembly replacement 83043km
New stock transfer
NISMO Copper Mix Twin Plate Clutch KIT
NISMO Stainless Steel Mesh Clutch Hose
TEIN FLEX Damper Ride Height Adjustment with EDFC

Body parts
NISMO Performance Damper

BNR34 Stock BREMBO Front/Rear Brakes
NISMO Brake Pads
NISMO Teflon Mesh Brake Hoses

Defi Water Temp Gauge
TEIN EDFC Controller

N1 Front Bumper Duct
N1 Bonnet Hood Top Molding
Late model HID projector headlights
Large Front Lip Spoiler for later model
Rear Back Fog Set for later model
NISMO Carbon Pillar Garnish
NISMO Carbon Fiber Wing Cover
NISMO Rear Fender Arch Molding
HASEMI Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Garnish Flap

Tires & Wheels
NISMO LM-GT4 9.5J×18+12
ADVAN NEOVA AD08R 265-35-18

BNR34 Stock Steering Transplant for later model
R33 Instrument panel for later model
R33 Shift Panel for later model
BNR34 V-SPEC Stock Pedal SET 4pcs
NISMO Carbon Mirror Cover