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BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC2 Nur

pearl white


This is an introduction of a 2002 BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC II Nur newly built 510PS vehicle.
The engine was completely overhauled and each part was refreshed and tuned at the same time when the car arrived at the factory.
The engine is based on a rebuilt engine, strengthened to 2.7L specs with forged pistons and balanced from the waist down, and the turbine was changed to GT3-SS and set up with V-PRO full control system.
The concept was to create a car that can be enjoyed from street to sports driving without compromising the Nurburgring character, and the parts used are all brand new without any compromise.

Vehicle Information
Year Model Year 2002
Vehicle Name Skyline GT-R
Grade V-SPEC2Nur
Color Pearl White
Mileage 144237KM April 14, 2022 at 144235KM Nur new meter replacement Current meter 2KM Nissan dealer exchange record
No repairs
Maintenance Manual, Record Book, Warranty Book, Instruction Manual
Main key, spare key, trunk key, and keyless are all included

Nur rebuilt (24U N1) engine base fabrication
Cylinder Dummy Head Boring, Honing, and Surface Correcting
HKS 87Φ STEP2 forged pistons
Con-rod bending correction and weight adjustment
Crank bent and balanced
NISMO Oyako Metal
NISMO Reinforced OIL Pump
TOMEI Shutter Valve Type OIL Pan Baffle Plate
Stock OIL Pan OIL Return Hole
Cylinder Head NAPREC High Response KIT
RB26 Forged Intake Valve, Race Valve Guide, EXH Valve Face Polished (regrind)
Valve guide replacement, seat cut for race use (matching the protrusion), surface grinding up to 1.0mm
HKS STEP1 IN/EX 264° 8.7mm camshaft
HKS Slide Cam Sprocket
HKS Fine Tune Strengthened Timing Belt
N1 Water Pump
TOMEI Head Bolt Washers
TOMEI Combination Metal Gasket
NISMO Intake Collector Tank (Nur color)
NISMO OIL Separator Tank
NISMO Reinforced Engine Mounts
R35 Ignition Coil

O/H and replacement parts at the time of manufacture
Water Hose
Oil Line and Pipe
Vacuum hose
AAC valve, pressure sensor, coupling replacement

HKS GT3-SS Sports Turbine KIT
HKS Strengthened Actuator

Fuel System
SARD 295L/h Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Strengthening Harness
SARD Fuel Delivery Pipe
SARD 12-hole 550 injectors
SARD fuel regulator

Cooling system
CALSONIC Aluminum 2-layer Radiator
HKS #12 Oil Cooler KIT
TRUST Wide Core 3 Layer Intercooler
HKS Special Piping KIT

Intake and Exhaust
Front Pipe
APEXi Sports Catalyzer
FUJITSUBO SUPER Ti Full Titanium Muffler

Drivetrain and Suspension
ATS Carbon Twin Plate Clutch
Aragosuta Ride Height Adjustment KIT
NISMO Reinforced Transmission Mount

RDD Fr 6POT calipers & 380mm rotors
RDD Rr360 Modena calipers & 355mm rotors
Sten mesh brake lines

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC7 Boost Controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO Full Control System

New Nur Meter replaced when engine was built.
NISMO Multi Function Display Expansion KIT Ver2

NISMO R-TUNE Carbon Fiber Hood
NISMO Z-TUNE Front Bumper
NISMO Z-TUNE Front Fender
NISMO Side Skirts
NISMO Rear Under Spoiler
NISMO Rear Fender Cover
G-STYLE Front Full Carbon Ver1 Under Diffuser

Tires & Wheels
POTENZA S001 275-30-19
BBS LM Championship ED 10J×19+22

RECARO AM19 Series SP-JC Limited Edition 350 Limited II cabrio
ECLIPSE AVN-V02 Navigation Navigation system, terrestrial digital broadcasting, DVD